Friday, January 1, 2010

goodbye 2009. hello 2010!

365 days ago, I had 2009 all planned out. I would finish my senior year, graduate from high school, my family would move to our next church, and I would begin my freshman year of college. Pretty simple. While most of those things did happen, almost none of them happened as planned. Plans? Who follows those, anyway?

Here’s how it really went: I finished my senior year and graduated. We moved a couple weeks later, but not to a new church. And I did start my freshman year of college, but we all know that didn’t go as planned. There seemed to be a couple major themes of 2009…"I never imagined I would be doing [insert what I was doing]” and “But I swore I would never [insert what I was doing].” 2009 took me completely by surprise.

I spent my last months at the place I call home with the only people who have known me forever. I said goodbye to everything I had ever known. I answered God’s call on my life one beautiful summer night. I spent two months living awkwardly between what was and what would be. I found a second home 1,532 miles from my first one. I fell in love with some beautiful children whose smiling faces reflect God’s redemptive love rather than the struggles they have endured. I moved on to the future I had carefully chosen and learned that we never truly know what we want or need until we have it or don’t. I realized who I can live without and who I would never want to, and I made those relationships a priority. I treasured time spent with mentors whose love and wisdom I could never deserve. I experienced the tangible hope of a Church in the making. I learned that there are no mistakes with God, only valuable lessons waiting to be learned.

2009 didn’t go as planned. Perhaps that’s because my human plans didn’t leave room for God-sized beauty and creativity and love. As I look back on 2009, I thank God for each of you and the God-sized role that you played in my life this past year. And as I look ahead to 2010, I pray that you will join hands with me and walk by my side on this unpredictable, beautiful journey toward the heart of God.

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