Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And everything has changed.

It’s finals week here at Bluffton. I am three presentations away from finishing my freshman year of college. I am four days away from moving home for the summer. Tomorrow I have two presentations in Spanish and one presentation to the administration for my Restorative Justice class. I’ll be spending Friday with my friends relaxing and doing all the things we said we wanted to do before summer but haven’t done yet…including, but not limited to, a walk to the Whippy Dip for ice cream and a movie at the Shannon…and maybe a trip to Chipotle. Saturday is May Day, which is a big deal around here from what I’ve gathered. And Sunday is baccalaureate and commencement, which I’m going to since I know (and love!) SO many seniors here. I could be moving home tomorrow when I finish my exams, but I’m sticking around for as long as possible. I’m not ready for my freshman year to be over…I’m not ready for spring semester to be over…and I’m certainly not ready to leave Bluffton! I love this place and the people here SO much!

It’s amazing how much has changed this year. Most of all, it’s amazing how much I have changed. I had an interesting conversation today during a meeting with one of my professors. I’ve been known to call myself crazy for the decisions I make…decisions to push myself harder than most people would choose to…decisions to do my best when good would be more than sufficient…and decisions to follow God and my passions even when that isn’t easy or logical. We were talking about this and about my Bluffton journey so far, and she said something that surprised me; she told me that I’m not crazy...what I am is a very motivated person who is willing to try new things and adjust to God’s leading. The first part didn’t come as a surprise…I’m motivated so much that it can be a weakness sometimes. But the second part, about being willing to try new things and adjust to God’s leading, really struck me. I have always been someone who prefers to make plans and be in control, but God has changed me so much in the past year. This change was evidenced by my professor’s words…she described me in a way I would never have described myself because she sees the person I am today, not the person I used to be. A year ago, my plans were set in stone…and they were impressive plans. But God had other plans…good plans. This year I learned to take risks, trust God, and let go of the plans I had carefully made...and those were not easy lessons! Before that conversation today, I knew that God had taught me new lessons this year. What I didn’t realize was that this year I have done more than learn lessons, I have become a new person in Christ.

Thank You, God, for this amazing place and for incredible professors who recognize who I have become in You even before I do!

"So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!"
-2 Corinthians 5.17

Pray peace. Make peace. Live peace.

Katie :)

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  1. Guess who loves peace and loves talking with you about justice, peace, CPT, etc. :)May 5, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Amen sister! :) <3 you and love the professor that is so wise. She is so right about you. We are so blessed to be able to come to Bluffton!!!