Sunday, May 23, 2010

it’s a new season…it’s a new day :)

Two weekends ago, spring semester ended and I moved home from Bluffton. I did stick around for May Day and Graduation, though, and I'm so glad I did! It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends and laughter and tears and conversation and worship and everything I’ve come to love about the Bluffton community. After graduation, as I stood in the middle of the football field saying goodbye to seniors, friends, and professors, I realized that just six months ago, I didn’t even know that Bluffton existed. But from the moment I stepped on campus, the Bluffton community has welcomed me with open arms and in just six months it has become such a part of me! I am thankful for this spring- it was an unexpected, life-changing, beautiful, unforgettable season in my life…thanks be to God!

But now, it’s a new season…summer is here! I am so excited for everything God has in store for summer 2010! Everyone is asking me, “What are you doing this summer?” and the answer to that question is more of a list than a one-word answer for me. My summer really kicks off in two weeks with West Ohio Annual Conference, where I will serve as a delegate. Conference is always one of the best weeks of my year…this will be my 20th year at Lakeside for Annual Conference and my 4th year as a delegate. It’s an incredible week of fun, fellowship, worship, meetings, politics, and a lot of ice cream…United Methodism at its very best! The rest of June will be spent packing, moving, and settling into a new home, as my family is moving to a new church and new town at the end of June. I’m so excited to settle back into a parsonage, although I never thought I’d say that, and I’m excited to spend time investing in this new church and community! Once we settle into our new home, at the end of July I’m headed to Mexico where I will spend two weeks serving at the Casa de Misericordia UM orphanage. This will be my fourth trip to the Casa…I can’t wait! I will return from Mexico just in time to spend a few more weeks at home and head back to school in the fall! And in addition to the events of my summer, I’m also taking on a few different projects and goals…but I think I’ll save those for another blog! ;)

As you can see, this summer of 2010 is going to be a busy one! I trust that this season, like the last, will be an exciting season of growth and joy in my faith journey!

Pray peace. Make peace. Live peace.

Katie :)

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