Thursday, July 28, 2011

seminary road trip: day one!

Hello from Harrisonburg, VA! Today we made it from Ohio to Virginia, and tomorrow I’ll be visiting Eastern Mennonite Seminary. We made good time and got to Harrisonburg in time to explore campus a bit this afternoon and have dinner tonight at a restaurant that serves organic, locally-grown food. So—day one has been a great success! I am looking forward to my visit at EMS tomorrow. I am especially curious about EMS, as they offer a dual degree MDiv/MA in Conflict Transformation four-year program. So— the seminary road trip is underway! I can hardly believe that I am really on this journey—both in terms of the road trip and my journey of faith and call that is leading me to explore seminaries all over the country! But I could not be more humbled and content and hopeful—God is good!

A few glimpses into the journey so far:

Tunnel in PASDC12217
Lost on a (beautiful) mountain in WVA—the first of two mountains we didn’t mean to climb today!
Oh hey, Virginia!
Virginia mountains!SDC12228
Our view for several hours.SDC12233
We got peaches!SDC12237
Eastern Mennonite SeminarySDC12241
Campus near EMSSDC12244
Views from the top of the mountain we accidentally climbed on campus at EMU while we were searching for the prayer labyrinth…SDC12248SDC12251We found the labyrinth!!SDC12255SDC12257The most delicious organic and locally grown spaghetti in the world (well, at least in Harrisonburg)!

Day one—check! Looking forward to the next eight days as I journey with friends—new and old—and the God who weaves these many adventures together into the (surprisingly) beautiful tapestry called life!

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