Friday, July 29, 2011

day two: Eastern Mennonite Seminary

Today’s visit began bright and early with 8:30am breakfast with the Director of Admissions here at Eastern Mennonite Seminary (EMS). We had a great breakfast at A Bowl of Good, the fantastic organic/local restaurant here. After breakfast, we had a tour of the seminary building and I met with one of the homiletics professors at EMS. Then I met with the Assistant Dean to talk about the degree programs here; it was especially interesting to hear about the different tracks available in the MDiv program. After that meeting, we headed to Subway for lunch with one of the current United Methodist MDiv students here. Finally, I met with the admissions counselor from EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP), where I could pursue a MA in Conflict Transformation along with my MDiv at the seminary. Overall, it was an enjoyable visit. While I had a great deal of information before I visited, nothing replaces the experience of visiting campus and getting a “feel” for the environment of the school. Tomorrow morning we head to Lancaster, PA to spend the weekend with my family and my wonderful roommate before heading to Lancaster Theological Seminary for a visit on Monday!

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  1. And... how did it compare to AMBS? It's a beautiful picture! Much nicer than the phone photo. Hmmm... could that just be because it's big enough for me to actually see it? LOL! 'Have a great time! Thanks for the blog!!!