Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day seven: Yale Divinity School

Today I visited Yale Divinity School. To say that YDS is an incredible place would be an understatement—I so enjoyed my time there and look forward to returning for a visit during the academic year. Today I had an abbreviated, summer campus visit that included a meeting with Admissions, an overview of Financial Aid, and a campus tour. Based on my conversation with Admissions, it sounds like YDS would be a great fit for me; its identity is strongly rooted in both the church and the academy, which reflects my own identity and call. YDS is shaped both by faith and scholarship, and that is an exceptional combination! Further, YDS boasts a faculty in biblical studies that is unparalleled— all it takes is a walk into the bookstore to see the contributions of the YDS faculty to the field. And if that is not enough, the campus is gorgeous and the people I met were incredibly warm and welcoming. From what I can tell, Yale Divinity School is a place I would love to live, learn, and grow in knowledge and faith!

Glimpses into YDS:

yale2Marquand Chapelyale9The front of Marquand Chapelyale3It has three organs—this is just one of them!yale4On the Divinity Quadrangleyale1yale6


  1. WOW!!! This is some pretty high praise you have posted. As an objective observer, I'm thinking that Yale looks like a mighty likely possibility. I've always wanted to know someone who goes/has graduated from Yale. :-) 'Sounds like a wonderful road trip to me!

  2. Can't wait to go with you on the next trip!!!! :)