Monday, August 1, 2011

days three, four, and five: Lancaster Theological Seminary

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that was certainly the case this weekend in Lancaster, PA! We arrived in Lancaster in time to have lunch with my wonderful roommate, Bethany, and her family. After lunch we visited for a while, and then we headed to my Aunt Marianne’s house where we stayed for the weekend. On Saturday night we went out to a great local place where we got to catch up with Bethany and laugh harder and louder than is appropriate in public. But we didn’t stay out too late, because we were up early on Sunday morning to join Bethany for worship at her home church. After that, Megan and I ate some good Amish food for lunch and headed to my cousin’s house to visit and catch up with their family. We ended our weekend with a delicious dinner out with my aunt at a great restaurant in downtown Lancaster called The Pressroom.

Of course, while the weekend was great fun, the real purpose of our trip to Lancaster was to visit Lancaster Theological Seminary (LTS). My campus visit was today, and it could not have been a better experience! My morning started with an interview with the Director of Admissions, followed by a meeting with one of the Hebrew Bible professors and a campus tour. From the moment I walked on campus, I was warmly welcomed into the LTS community and engaged in great conversation about my journey so far and how LTS could be the next step in that journey. I liked the campus and LOVED its location in a great part of downtown Lancaster. Another big plus is that LTS has affordable housing available on campus. I am planning to visit again during the school year so I can sit in on classes, but as of right now LTS seems like a good possibility for me! Across the board, as I spent time in conversations and on campus, it felt like a place I could call home.

Some glimpses into our time in Lancaster:

Megan and I with Bethany at her house!SDC12298The Brasserie in LancasterSDC12306The three amigas together at last!
Out to dinner at The Pressroom downtownSDC12338
Megan and I with my awesome aunt!SDC12341
Chapel/academic building
Fantastic reading room we found!
Gorgeous chapel!


  1. It sounds as though this trip is paying off already! I'm looking forward to hearing more...

  2. I'm happy to see that you're having so much fun on your Seminary Extravaganza. Looking forward to more good news and posts.