Thursday, April 8, 2010

it’s week 12?!

How did that happen?! It seems impossible that we only have three more weeks of classes left this semester, and even more impossible that I’ve been at Bluffton for three months already! But hey, time flies when you’re having the time of your life! Summer is just around the corner, and I’m not ready…I’m not ready for the seniors to graduate…I’m not ready for my friends to study abroad in the fall…I’m not ready to pack up and leave this campus and this community for the summer. But I guess I’m in luck, because I have four more weeks to spend here before summertime rolls around!

So, I have a little dilemma with this blog. Mostly, I am terrible at updating it. I want to post about the meaningful events of life, but I get busy actually participating in them and by the time I think about writing, I have no idea where to start! So…from this point forward, I’m going to try to update this blog once a week, no matter how meaningful or exciting the news might be. (we'll see how that goes..)

So what’s been happening for the past six weeks in my life? (this is the part where I have no idea where to start) Here’s a rundown…

I was the student assistant for the Beyond Borders Conference at Bluffton. I learned that air conditioning is kind of a big deal when it’s hot outside. I declared a major in Biblical Studies. I played frisbee with friends instead of writing a paper. I attended the International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education. I ate cereal out of a cup…for dinner. I went through intensive Hispanic Ministry training. I wore flip-flops outside in the snow. I registered for fall classes. I prayed and worshiped alongside professors and friends. I laughed...a lot. I was introduced to my new home where I’ll be moving this June. I learned about the epic sport of tennis golf. I got my financial aid package for next year and was reminded that the price of my education here is nothing compared to its value. I saw our campus with grass instead of snow for the first time. I ate pancakes with people I love in the town that will always be my home. I was chased by a cat…inside my dorm. I had conversations with friends and professors that stretched my understanding of peace, justice, and God’s Kingdom. I did homework…I even enjoyed homework. But most of all, I treasured every moment spent living in this community that is changing my life.

There are lots of exciting things coming up in these next few weeks and months, and I hope I will be better about updating this blog and sharing them with you all!

Live in peace. Live for peace.

Katie :)

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  1. You were with me when you wore flip flops in the snow! :-p!