Tuesday, June 1, 2010

politics and faith, empire and kingdom

The other day I changed my “political views” on facebook from “liberal” to “changing.” One of my good friends who has always known me as a “crazy liberal Methodist” wrote on my wall, inquiring about these changes. The following discussion ensued, and I think it's worth sharing...unedited, unscripted thoughts on politics and faith, empire and kingdom:



Me: Bahahaha! I love this. No, they are not changing to Republican! They are changing a lot...being more influenced by my faith commitment yet becoming very much secondary to my faith commitment...and I am still figuring out what that means :)

Him: aaah gotcha. dont worry. that car of yours will soon be the palin-mobile instead of the obama-mobile. lol.

Me: Ohhhh my goodness. Not so much. I'm typing this message to you from a room complete with two Obama posters. ;) I think more than anything, I've come to a place where I have trouble labeling myself...and I'm more convinced than ever that I don't fit into any political party at all. War has really messed that up for me. Heck, I'm not even as Methodist as I was six months ago...trust me...Bluffton has really messed with me! And by the way, I'm feeling fine....great even!

Him: wow its a new katie! so are you like a religiously based independent?

Me: Well, I think that makes it sound like I'm pushing my religious beliefs onto others through my political beliefs...which it something I try not to do. I would say that I am a person who tries to act faithfully in the Kingdom of God and that is my first allegiance...of course, I'm also a person with strong political views. Where I am right now is the place where some of my political and religious views have come into conflict (for example, war)...and I'm figuring out how to act faithfully in those areas of conflict. Sometimes I think that means no political action, but sometimes it means a lot of political action. But my faith commitment should always come first, and that political action should never go against my faith commitment. It's an issue of consistency...I've found myself living alongside some amazing people this semester whose lives are meaningfully consistent...there isn't a disconnect between their political and religious beliefs, and there isn't a disconnect between what they believe and how they live...they embody their beliefs, political and religious and otherwise, and it's pretty incredible. So I've been inspired and challenged by them to strive for a level of consistency and integrity that I wouldn't have believed was possible if I hadn't seen it lived out.


May we never figure out our beliefs.
Instead, may we live them out.

Katie :)

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